Saturday, August 9, 2014

July 2014 Highlights

The month of July concluded the ASRC Fun in the Sun summer activities. Families met on Tuesday mornings, to play games outside, at a local park. Kickball, kite flying, and frisbee tossing, were just some of the fun activities the children enjoyed, as parents conversed with each other.
The activities were also on Thursday evenings, to allow working parents and caregivers to bring their families, to participate in games such as balloon badminton, basketball, Nerf Tag, and ball toss.
The Fun in The Sun activities closed with a meal that was enjoyed by all. Thank you to all of the ASRC families who attended and participated.

The end of July brought another book fair. The ASRC book fair was held at Barnes & Noble, and featured community story time readers, parent volunteers, and superheroes from Texas Toyz. A local news station also stopped by to interview me, and take pictures of ASRC staff giving a thumbs up! The proceeds from the book fair go towards the ASRC library, a wonderful resource for classrooms, parents, educators, and individuals with autism, and their families.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this book fair a success!