Monday, December 3, 2012

ASRC Kids: Community Service Project

On a beautiful day at the end of November, the kids of ASRC joined together to experience the wonders of the Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, as well as assist the Center with some plantings.  It was a great sensory activity, as the children touched the dirt, felt the sun on their faces, smelled the roses, and pulled and re-planted the seedlings into larger pots.

After planting, the group explored the live butterfly gardens, and tried desperately to get butterflies to land on their fingers.   Then they were treated to a "backstage tour" where they were allowed to feed and touch a turtle, pet a snake and even touch a giant lizard!  NuStar Energy sponsored the trip, and enabled all of the families to attend at no cost.  NuStar reserved the pavilion, offering families the opportunity to have lunch while examining the amazing butterfly exhibits.
Lastly, several groups participated in a scavenger hunt prepared by the DeCastro family.  The hunt took them ALL OVER the Gardens, and it was amazing to see the children's tenacity in finding the answers to the clues - no matter how far they had to walk.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience and the families had a great time.  Thank you to Dr. Womack and the Botanical Gardens, the DeCastro family, and NuStar Energy for providing an opportunity for the ASRC kids to contribute to the community.