Monday, December 3, 2012

Art Night

November 9th, the kids of ASRC tried something new - an Art Night.  ASRC provided paint, paper, stickers, clay and crafts and the kids let their creative juices flow.  Each child made something unique and it was great to see the different artistic styles.  (One girl even glued a piece of pizza to her paper and decorated it - definitely original!)

The kids also made new friends, as several new families attended this month's pizza party and activity night.    As usual, the group also celebrated the birthdays of the children born in that month with a cake, singing the traditional "Happy Birthday," and a card signed by all the kids.  The monthly birthday parties are a wonderful opportunity for the children to have a small party, as oftentimes their social difficulties make birthdays somewhat lonely.  ASRC loves to see them smile, feel comfortable - and create!