Thursday, September 13, 2012

ASRC Library Book Fair

Kevin and Andrew at the library

Kicking off Autism Awareness Month events this year was the ASRC Book Fair at Barnes & Noble Booksellers on March 9.
  The day long event was organized by Dorothy Cunningham, Project Coordinator at ASRC and parent of a child with ASD.  Many families with individuals on the spectrum volunteered alongside ASRC staff members.  The results surpassed last year's book fair.  The theme that day was Cookie Mouse, the character of the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" books. Events that day included story time and crafts.  New additions to the ASRC library include the new Dr. Temple Grandin book, "The Autistic Brain" and "The Sneaky Chef."

Although many books are non fiction, there are several fictional stories featuring a character with autism.  There are books for children, adults, and educators.  Located at Spectrum Counseling, 3440 S. Alameda, the books can be read while sitting in the waiting room, or checked out for a period of time.  Books are available to the public, but must be checked out before removing them from the library.